Final consideration of pathway

This is very difficult for me to answer but I will try to anyway. Art has been my hobby and joy since I was very young, but it seems the older I get the more stressed and irritated I got with art and drawing. This made me rethink whether I should find a career in Art and Design.

I would of loved to become an illustrator as that was something I wanted to achieve at one point but not anymore. I chose an illustrator as there is so far that you can go with it. So many different styles and types of art I could of been able to produce, but it all just got to me on the bad side that I just had to scrap this idea.

I think I will try make a career with something to do with the fact I’m linguistic. Whether it will be a translator in a police department or teaching kids with families from two different countries, I feel like this is more realistic to happen to me and more chances of me being able to achieve it.


Response to Assessment

One thing after my assessment that became a problem was not evidencing work on my blog. I think this is a fair point to say as I had majority of the work done, it was just a matter of fact to add it onto the blog and write about it. This is important as it’s a requirement of the course.

Annotation work on my blog needs to be linked to every image I upload. This means the annotations need to reflect thorough analysis and include evaluative comments. I realised from this that not al my images had annotations to them explaining what was going on at the time. To improve this I went back and redid a few blog posts so it wasn’t just a list of photos, I put them into slideshows and wrote a descriptive paragraph on each one to explain the good and bad outcomes of my work as it was mainly on my own practical work that I did.

Something else I needed to work on was more ideas and concepts in drawn and annotated form showing the development of my idea. This is because I didn’t have a clear link between my sketchbook work and my final piece so I needed to show how it all links together.

Final Outcome


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Above is the progress and final unfinished outcome of my FMP. I didn’t realise how long it would take me to finish. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out and I feel like I have definitely gained skill and experience from this. To improve it I think I should of portrayed a clearer picture of how it links and is influenced by the artist I chose to use as inspiration.

Whilst drawing this, I don’t want to draw too dark tones as it would be hard to rub out so I think this is what slowed me down as i just kept layering up light tones to get the result I was hoping to achieve. I feel quite proud that this was based off a photo I took myself instead of using an image off the internet.

Something major that I realised whilst drawing this, is the difference it makes when you add light spots to certain areas. For example, the highlights in the hair adds more realism as that is an area I am still trying to improve on, also the shine at the tip of the nose made it look a lot more like the photograph which is what I was trying to achieve.

I also really like the contrast I was able to portray, although you can’t tell on the image very clearly as it looks a bit faded, the dark and light tones really made it stand out.

I came across a bit of a downfall at the start of producing this as i traced the image so all the proportions are correct which is something I am really fussy about, the next day when I looked at it the drawing had faded, I think someone may of placed it where the sun was able to shine on it so I had to restart it and it really got to me as i didn’t have much time on my hands anyway.

Overall, this was a very emotional and stressful project because of my history with terrible time management. On  the other hand, I am happy with how I was able to do the work I did under all the pressure of deadlines and other units to do in order to pass this qualification.

SMART Target

Short term-

Make a checklist to understand what is required to achieve my FMP.

I will try to produce what is required to achieve my goal and have identified 23 posts that need adding or adjusting.

I have identified that I have 5 days to complete as much work as I can.

Have a balance of blog work and the final outcome being completed.

I will spend at least 11-12 hours each day completing this project.